Persist: Small Business In 2020

Persist, Persist, Persist graphic


This word has taken on a whole new meaning in the last year – especially when it came to the durability of small businesses. Amidst a global pandemic, hard-working dedicated communities came together and adapted to new ways of doing business. For some businesses, this was the push they needed to get out of their comfort zone and blast their operations into the current millennium. As a result, those businesses that persisted to succeed, and ran towards the opportunity of a digital consumer, flourished. Many have or will walk away with loyal lifetime customers. Whether businesses were providing curbside service, to-go orders for the first time, online shopping, or anything in between, persistence was at the core, and it still remains there to this day. Now, we move forward with abundant opportunities to tap into success in more creative ways.

Persistence in the last year has also meant taking strategies that did not work and transforming them into solutions that do. The largest deficit between businesses that are now hunting for employees and those who had to shut their doors often leads to their customer experience. 

Here are a few questions that immediately come to mind:

  • Is this business capturing its audience at the right time and place?

  • Are they receiving their customers in an appropriate fashion?

  • Is this business providing an enjoyable service?

It all seems simple enough, but what many don’t realize is the work it takes to create, uphold, and compete at a high level. At The Tadpole Agency, the word “persist” is more than motivation to keep going. It’s a labor of love and dedication that we extend to all of our clients.  Every business has varying stages of success and struggle, and we are here to provide a strategy for continued success and solutions for every struggle. We believe that the strength to push forward in any situation is paramount to the success and sustainability of every business.

We are thrilled to serve small businesses and find new ways to persist through the toughest of obstacles.  If we can serve you, contact us!