We are a Full-Service
digital marketing agency

Tadpole is a digital marketing agency that helps brands establish a presence they can be proud of. We provide a wide range of valuable marketing services and solutions, including digital advertising, social media marketing, branding, content creation, consulting, and more. We're bringing a fresh feel to business-agency partnerships through our teams' unique experience in business and marketing.


Our mission is to provide our partners with all-encompassing digital marketing and business strategies that drive profit and instill loyalty. Moreover, we are devoted to collaborating and finding long-term solutions that grow as your company does.




Brent has over 30 years of business ownership in automotive sales. As a result, he knows what a successful agency partnership looks like. You can find Brent enjoying his family or leading his team as one of the top auto groups in the United States.


Owner, CEO

Kate brings extensive agency and in-house experience. She’s a creative marketer with an eye for enticing visuals that help grow businesses. She’s led teams for over ten years and has grown people into top talents.


Owner, CCO

Andrew has the eye and technical knowledge to create captivating visuals that tell compelling stories. Whether it’s an eye-catching 30-second ad or an internal training video, he can keep your audience’s attention.

Jonathan Silva - Partner and CSO at The Tadpole Agency


Owner, CSO

Jonathan brings a unique working experience in creating optimized strategies to bring healthy ROI’s to any size budget. He is passionate about finding solutions for business owners in both marketing and operations.


Everyone on our team has the experience to lean in with our partners. In the middle of it all, small and large businesses need resourceful people they can depend on, not just a digital marketing agency. As a result, our partners understand our work ethic and know we don't pass on challenges out of our services portfolio.


Over the years, digital advertising has overtaken the advertising world for various reasons. The most important reason being ROI. At this time, digital advertising gives business owners the power of limiting their spending and targeting consumers directly interested in their business or industry. As a result, digital advertising can provide you the ability to spend money in avenues that bring you the highest ROI.


Are you providing the same experience you hope your customers expect in-person, online? We're experience FANATICS. We work with business owners who sincerely care about their customers and aim to knock their experience out of the park consistently. We enjoy diving deep into the weeds with your in-person and online experiences to ensure your customers are proud to be yours.


Whether your organization is a start-up, well-established, or looking to rebrand, our team is experienced and well-versed in successful branding campaigns that instill loyalty and pride from customers and employees. Brand development campaigns can include digital and traditional avenues to impress internal and external company audiences. Consequently, we'll partner with you to find the best routes.


The keys to any outstanding online experience are easy to understand, beautiful, tell your mom all-about-it visuals. More often than not, a consumer's experience with you begins online. Let's make your first impressions jaw-dropping and intentional. Our team is always excited to collaborate with our partners to create visuals that tap into the audience's feelings.